Iskra Hifu



Focused ultrasound (HIFU) is one of the forms of energy that can be used in aesthetic medicine for the non-invasive “rejuvenation” of skin and tissue. At precisely defined points, there is a visible increase in the elasticity of the collagen fibers and, in the following weeks, a strong new formation of collagen fibers. Overall, after just one treatment, there is clearly visible smoothing and thus rejuvenation of the skin. This effect peaks after about 2 months and lasts for 12-18 months. Due to the deep effect, there are no negative effects on the skin surface and apart from occasional slight swellings there are no visible negative effects after the treatment.
The treatment is easy to perform and not very painful.



Technical Data

3 transducers for 3 different depths of penetration:


• 10 Mhz for 1,5mm

• 7 Mhz for 3 mm (subcutaneous tissue)

• 4 Mhz for 4,5 mm (SMAS)


5000- 10000 shots for each transducer
Energy level 0,1- 2J
Pulse duration 15-50 ms
Distance between shots 2,3 and 4 mm