Regen plasma


Skin rejuvenation without alloplastic material. Youthful appearance through plasma from the own blood! Also suitable for a succesful treatment of hair loss.


The regenerative medicine, the art of using the body’s own regeneration processes without medication and implants, has now also found its way into aesthetic medicine.

By injecting plasma, which is obtained with the specially developed “REGEN LAB”Kits, one can now smooth wrinkles, regenerate the skin and thus create a youthful, fresh complexion. Since no foreign material is injected, there are no intolerance reactions. The use of the REGEN LAB Kits is a very safe method, since they are certified as Medical Devices for therapeutic use and, moreover, approved by the strict US- authority FDA since years. Thus, the method allows to achieve beauty without any risk.

REGEN LAB is not only a substitute for HA- Fillers, but also a very good addition to it. The combination of HA- Fillers (e.g. Genyal Polyvalent and Genyal Volumae) leads to long- lasting, excellent natural looking results.

The use of autologous plasma is also a very good method in the fight against hair loss. Hair loss can be stopped and the hair stimulated to regrowth with just a few injections. Furthermore, according to a japanese study, the newly formed hair becomes thicker and denser.

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