Medicine and Technology for a youthful appearance and a healthy body

HF Medical Trading

HF Medical Trading specializes in the distribution of products in the sectors aesthetic medicine, sports medicine, physiotherapy and wellness. The company was originally founded for the distribution of European products in South-East Asia, later, activities in Austria and the surrounding countries were added.

Injectable Products


we have in our range products for the minimal invasive treatment of folds and wrinkles and for a thourough skin rejuvenation.



The word „Cosmeceuticals“ is a good description for products that are used externally but have a greater effect than conventional cosmetics. it is a synthesis of the words  „Cosmetics“ and „Pharmaceuticals“, this means that they are a kind of cosmetics with active ingredients.

Medical Devices 


In the last years, innovative technical methods have increasingly been established in all areas of medicine. Particularly in aesthetic medicine, in many cases new technologies can be used to achieve results completely painlessly and without the risk of permanent complications, which many years ago would only have been possible with much more complex methods.