Tesla Stym


Functional magnetic stimulation for painless treatment of disorders of the musculo-sceletal system.

Fundamental difference to conventional electrotherapy: the current is not applied on the skin, but induced inside the body by the magnetic field-much better effect in deeper layers

effect TENS

effect functional magnetic stimulation


Mode of action:

An external magnetic field generates a current inside the body through induction, which leads to the above-mentioned effects. In contrast to conventional electrotherapy with electrodes, this has the following advantages:
– Much better effect, because the effect does not come from the surface, but from the depth, so it really reaches muscles and joints.
– It is also much more practical: no need to apply electrodes, patients can keep their clothes on.
The treatment is completely painless!





  • neck pain (cervical syndrome)
  • back pain (incl. facette syndrome)
  • muscle cramps
  • frozen shoulder
  • neurologic pain (ischialgia)
  • increased blood and lymphatic support
  • muscle strengthening after injuries and surgery