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Threadlifting is a method that was originally developed for acupuncture and comes from Korea.
By means of hollow needles, thin absorbable threads are pulled under the skin, which has two main effects:

-immediate effect through increase of the tension of the tissue and an effect against the gravitation vector. Basis for this effect are the skin tension lines according the Austrian anatomist Langer. This effect means that in most cases a significant improvement in appearance can be seen immediately after the treatment.

-Long- term effect: PDO leads to an increase of the formation of new collagen, making the skin smoother and more elastic (this effect starts after 3-4 weeks). The collagen formation is completed after 10-12 weeks. PDO is highly biocompatible will be metabolised into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

In addition to monofilament threads and twisted threads, there are so-called Cogs with barbed hooks for better anchoring in the tissue. They are used for skin tightening in the case of sagging tissue.

PDO (Polydioxanone) is highly biocompatible, it is used since more than 30 years for surgical sutures.
it will be metabolised within 6-8 months to the harmless substances water and carbon dioxide.
The result lats for 12-15 months. PDO threadlifting can be used also for tissue tightening on the body (buttocks, thighs, arms etc.). Ideal is a combination with PRP (“Plasmolifting”).

In addition to botulinum toxin, HA-Filler and PRP, PDO is a fourth basis for minimal invasive aesthetic treatments and can be combined with any of these methods.

Our products come from the Korean company SJ Medical that specializes in the manufacture of high quality needles and cannulas. Thus, the needles and cannulas are very stable and allow an atraumatic use.

Despite the high quality of the products, we can offer you prices that are far below the usual level for such products!


This material form the Japanese company GUNZE is very tight and elastic. it has an improved lifting capability and ensures a longer lasting result.
The PLACL threads are available as 3D Cogs 21g/90 mm.

NEW: Molding Cog

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