Mesoporation- a versatile technology for effective transdermal delivery of cosmetic and medicinal active ingredients.




Mesoporation means the formation of channels through the top layer of skin and into the cells of the underlying tissue by a specific, harmless and completely painless electrical current.

This current is applied to the surface of the skin through a pen and roller electrode, the treatment is absolutely painless and is felt to be very pleasant. Through the newly formed channels, which slowly close again after the treatment, cosmetic active ingredients can be transported into the skin in a high concentration.



The Procedure

The horny layer of the skin is a very strong barrier against all substances coming from outside.
Once this barrier is penetrated, the paths to the skin and body are open. With Acthyderm it can be penetrate very effectively.
Penetration with conventional methods (e.g. Iontophoresis):




high concentrated penetration with Acthyderm:




Acthyderm is a very versatile device, here some examples for its use:


• reduction of wrinkles, visible skin rejuvenation
• uneven pigmentation
• visible improvement of cellulite
• tissue tightening

In contrast to many other devices for this indication, the effect of Acthyderm has been documented by numerous scientific experiments and studies! We will be happy to send these to you at any time, please send your requirements to!